Abandoned Rails

by Pliable Tones

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released June 17, 2012



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Pliable Tones Lebanon, New Hampshire

Clowns kidnapped me as a child. I was raised on popcorn and Ice Cubes. They made me stay share a bedroom with 85 individuals. When I was 10 Aliens abducted me and I traveled from solar system to solar system to learn about alien culture and races. They kept giving me shots in my lungs so I didn't need oxygen to breath. One day I woke up in New Hampshire and Trying to recreate my life through sound ... more

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Track Name: Catching Peanut Butter in Jars
I was brought up with a conscious I just can't shake
I know wisdom comes with age
So does ages and pain
Struggling with ropes that tie me against poles
Electrocution of thought
Can never find out the true amount of liquid that has entered then left my body
Peaches rot in the meantime
Keys keep jingling
Not Universal
Reason why we have entered this state of emergency
Knees knocking
but didn't catch the joke
Army of carpets get their revenge of years of being walked on
Habitat of mud and straw might be better
then living in a co-op
I feel like I'm in a concentration camp or a prison
Guards, cameras, I don't feel secure
I feel trapped
My apartment is my cell
The inmates are the people that surround me
Break out of thought
Remembering when I could sit by the water
Feel a cool breeze
Walk away with satisfaction of nature
I never thought I would feel such fear
Insecurities and the color grey
Try to Smile
but it makes me sick to my stomach
I feel like I'm not real
Im just Hollywood
A entity haunting a hotel