Pliable Tones Lebanon, New Hampshire

Clowns kidnapped me as a child. I was raised on popcorn and Ice Cubes. They made me stay share a bedroom with 85 individuals. When I was 10 Aliens abducted me and I traveled from solar system to solar system to learn about alien culture and races. They kept giving me shots in my lungs so I didn't need oxygen to breath. One day I woke up in New Hampshire and Trying to recreate my life through sound ... more

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Track Name: And they all were smitten
Woke up this Morning
to dig a Ditch for You
The Ground Was Frozen
Life Continues
Track Name: Pickling In Formaldehyde
rigamortis setting in.
brain rots not a mans best friend.
rare to say the worlds a zoo.
when there are so many animals that surround you.
thoughts they become a blur.
one dollar can still buy you fun.
remember your not the one who rotates
around the sun.
then life will show you that it's not done