by Pliable Tones

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Giving Old Writings New Life.


released June 10, 2012

Tracks 1-8
Vocals, Lyrics and Micro Korg all written & performed by izziloP kcirederF
Recorded at Moon Lab Studios in Lebanon, NH ; Engineer izziloP kcirederF : Assistant Engineer Carl Fitzbottoms



all rights reserved


Pliable Tones Lebanon, New Hampshire

Clowns kidnapped me as a child. I was raised on popcorn and Ice Cubes. They made me stay share a bedroom with 85 individuals. When I was 10 Aliens abducted me and I traveled from solar system to solar system to learn about alien culture and races. They kept giving me shots in my lungs so I didn't need oxygen to breath. One day I woke up in New Hampshire and Trying to recreate my life through sound ... more

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Track Name: Bullseye
As the circle grew bigger
I couldn't find a comfortable place to stand
I stood outside while the expansion occurred
Observing the events and recording all the changes
Feeling like a scientist and a psychiatrist
with no degree but practicing
Watching flowers blossom and rocks crumble
Can people be associated to dogs
Training must occur for proper etiquette
Bunny ear methods for tying laces
Pan drippings turn into gravy
These aren't magic tricks
Just learning tools
Follow the trail of reeses pieces
Pavlov's law
Rendering pixels in everyday life
Initial movement of a fly taking of backwards
Association through characteristics of the seven dwarves
Substitution of the word smurf with nouns and verbs
Tinkering doesn't mean you know how to fix something
Apparently booze makes you think you are more intelligent
I need to start recording my own conversations
Irreverent babble
Timing wasn't right
Just missed the train
Track Name: Fantastic Misery
Haunting Silhouettes
Octopus and Squids Line dancing
Images Projected in the 3rd dimension
Making your way to the 5th
Enlightenment and alignment
Fondling Stuffed Animals
Overbearing engagements
Capturing ostriches
Harboring eggs
Camping Inside a house
Microwaving s'mores
Safe haven are churches
Will stay open for a price
Even priests need to eat
Track Name: Just some thoughts jotted down
Scientific Explosion
Radioactive Insects
Robotic Invasions
UFO paper plates
Heroes and the woman they save
Everything will attack the earth
What will the final outcome be?
Track Name: Skinning a Tan Human
Never Clip a butterflies wings
Because they revert back to caterpillars with less legs
Garbage Bag Parachutes and homeless jumpers
panic at yellow street lights
Brain skipping over important details
French Fries dipped in a mixture of mayo and ketchup
Training elephants how to dance
Mini earthquakes and suction cups applied to the forehead
Making a bed out of cotton balls and fabric
Tokens and the service they provide
Using a fork to get rid of a itch
Can't our bodies provide a natural lotion
Doing nothing and how it bothers the thinking process
Traveling with skis and not making it through a door properly
The laughter can creep behind you pretty quickly
sabotage a cane
Erasing everything you create
What really needs to be hidden?
Trapped in a drawer with random knickknacks
Rather be in a junkyard
Track Name: Stethoscope to the ground
Listening to the earth carefully
It has indigestion
Track Name: 10 words