The Fantastic Lifespan of a Tampon

by Pliable Tones

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I started writing another book of writings but a half page in I decided to make them into some tracks. A couple of other tracks are made from You Tube Videos that Make me smile on these past rainy days we've been having.
I hope you enjoy them. I had fun making them.


released September 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Pliable Tones Lebanon, New Hampshire

Clowns kidnapped me as a child. I was raised on popcorn and Ice Cubes. They made me stay share a bedroom with 85 individuals. When I was 10 Aliens abducted me and I traveled from solar system to solar system to learn about alien culture and races. They kept giving me shots in my lungs so I didn't need oxygen to breath. One day I woke up in New Hampshire and Trying to recreate my life through sound ... more

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Track Name: Paying tolls to a troll
We are just composed of billions of dots
Bouncing off each other unknowingly
How did we not see undocumented paths
Worms keep turning dirt
and we keep getting buried
Track Name: Another Writing Spell
Is there even a thought or idea that is new anymore
Tracing every thread until you find the spools
I rock back and forth trying to find the right balance
Typing just to create the motion of the buttons going up and down
Feeling Touching Stimulating
Haunting my own house
I can feel the hairs starting to stand up
Failed circus act
Track Name: Describing my daily routine in over 100 letters
Typical day
Everything goes blurry once glasses are pulled away from my eyes
Background noise
Gravity pulls my body to a bed
Track Name: Through the woods into the desert
Living and worshipping clocks
Instant stress
Track Name: The End?
The Animals became unruly
Biting their owners hands
Then beamed into UFO's for a game of chess
Powerful beams of light blind even the blind
meanwhile nudist colonies are oblivious on karaoke night
Giant Umbrellas are launched into space
It still didn't save the earth in time