Pliable Tones Lebanon, New Hampshire

Clowns kidnapped me as a child. I was raised on popcorn and Ice Cubes. They made me stay share a bedroom with 85 individuals. When I was 10 Aliens abducted me and I traveled from solar system to solar system to learn about alien culture and races. They kept giving me shots in my lungs so I didn't need oxygen to breath. One day I woke up in New Hampshire and Trying to recreate my life through sound ... more

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Track Name: I got a Headache kick me in the balls so it will get my mind off of it
Cramming whatever is left into my pockets
Waste is set in buckets
Eaten by pigs
Closing off highways
Jamming up city streets
Possible overflow into oceans
Practice swimming due to disasters
Compiling of oxygen
Government workers setting up shop on different worlds
Creation of another race
Tracking down chemicals
Coordination complex
Bonding people together
Pigeon hole principles
Following a exception
Hair follicles and its phases
Particle rendering
Imploding of the mind
Coping machines and the loss of the original image
Reflections through black plastic
Remembering past events
Crowding a garden
Roots intertwine
Invasion of power Walkers
Rascal Scooters
Epic battles in city parks
Grappling hooks and sorting out prizes
Taking everything literally
Watching as we fall
Making a new flag
Designs and its flaws
Words and their mispronunciations
Calling out for help
Everyone was in their own Routine to stop for a moment and hear that one word